Laboratory tests are essential to your health. They are an important way for your physician to determine what’s going on inside your body. The work done by the staff at Family Medicine Center enables your physician to diagnose and treat your medical condition. It is vital to many medical treatments and disease control, resulting in improved management of your health.

Tests Available at Office:

  1. Complete Blood Count
  2. Comprehensive Metabolic Profile
  3. Biochemistry Plus
  4. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  5. Prostate Specific Antigen: Total
  6. Total Testosterone
  7. Urinalysis
  8. Micro albinuria
  9. Urine Pregnancy Test
  10. Quick Rapid HIV Test
  11. HBA1C
  12. C-Reactive Protein-CRP(not intented for high sensitivity CRP measurement)
  13. Uric Acid
  14. Gamma glutamyltransferase-GGT
  15. Magnesium
  16. Lactate Dehydrogenase
  17. Glucose Tolerance Testing
  18. Lipid Profile
  19. Urine Drug Screen – (Marijuana & Cocaine Specifically)

All samples are processed in a timely manner to ensure results are available within 24 hours. Urgent samples will be processed and sent to requesting physician within one hour.

Other investigations are available at our reference laboratory.

Please call the office on 702-9310 for more details.