[Nassau, The Bahamas] — Comprehensive gastrointestinal services are now available at Family Medicine Center clinic on Blake Road, as a result of a new collaboration with The Centre for Digestive Health.

Through the new working arrangement, Dr. Harold Munnings and Dr. Flloyd Carter of The Centre for Digestive Health are able to make their services more accessible to people on the western side of New Providence. Specialist consultations, colonoscopy and other services are available.

“This collaboration brings significant benefits to patients,” said Dr. Graham Cates, medical practitioner and founder of Family Medicine Center.

“We are pleased to work with the Centre for Digestive Health, a medical operation that offers high quality, patient-centered care. Dr. Munnings shares our vision for comprehensive healthcare. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with him, Dr. Carter, and their skilled medical team, to expand our services and provide the best care possible for patients.”

Robert Green, was the first person to receive healthcare services under the new collaboration, undergoing a routine colonoscopy last week. Mr. Green, a regular patient at FMC, was happy to see the new services come available at the medical facility located on Blake Road.

“The Family Medicine Center out west where they performed the procedure was very convenient and I did not have to deal with the downtown traffic or parking. It was also very close (two blocks) from where I live,” said Mr. Green.

“This is the second colonoscopy I’ve had in the last 12 years with the first in Dallas, Texas. This colonoscopy went very smooth! The preparation prior to the procedure went just as planned. The morning of the procedure was great, I showed up at 10am.  Once called, we went upstairs so Nurse Cooper could get me ready for Dr. Munnings. It was painless and fast.  After a few minutes I fell asleep, then woke up thinking I was still waiting for the procedure until I saw the clock and realized that they had finished.  After a few more checks I was cleared to go home and I felt great!”

Both Family Medicine Center and the Centre for Digestive Health are innovative leading medical operations.

“Dr. Graham Cates is a fine doctor and a visionary, who is moving to fill a crying need for high quality and comprehensive medical services in western New Providence,” said Dr. Harold Munnings, Gastroenterologist and founder of The Centre for Digestive Health.

“The Family Medicine Center, which he operates, is one of the the finest medical facilities in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Dr. Carter and I are happy to join the team and make our specialist services available at this location”.

Family Medicine Center was founded with a focus on a whole-life approach to healthcare, specialising in physical, mental and emotional well-being – offering the only full health and wellness service that integrates wellness education with medical support such as labs, medication, nursing and psychology.

The Centre for Digestive Health has been a leader in gastroenterology in The Bahamas since 1997, providing expert consultation, evaluation and treatment in all aspects of gastrointestinal, pancreatic and liver disease in both adults and children.

The collaboration between Family Medicine Center and the Centre For Digestive Health is reflective of both organisations’ commitment to improve patient care. For more information visit: www.familymedicinecenter.org and www.digestivehealthbahamas.com.

Caption: Left to right: Gilda Cooper RN, Nela Evans, Donnae Ross, Dr. Harold Munnings, Robert Green, Dr. Graham Cates and Ge’Ann Hilton at The Family Medicine Center clinic on Blake Road.