Family Medicine Center offers COVID-19 Antibody and PCR Tests.

Testing is an important aspect in our efforts to control coronavirus and eventually ease the health safety restrictions that have halted normal routines for many people.

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PCR Test

(The “Do I have it?” test)

Indicates if you have an active coronavirus infection, whether or not you have symptoms

The PCR test consists of a swab to collect a sample from the throat and a nostril. A positive result will show that you have coronavirus in your nose or throat at the time of testing. A negative result will confirm that there was no Covid-19 on the swab.

  • Tests whether or not you currently have Covid-19
  • This is a swab test.
  • Lab results in 2-4 working days
  • Cost: $125

Antibody Test

(The “Have I already had it?” test)

Indicates if you were previously infected at some point and fought it off.

Antibodies are formed as part of your body’s immune response to an infection. Your blood sample will be examined for IgG antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. These antibodies tend to be found in your blood 21 days after symptoms of COVID-19 start. If your blood contains these antibodies, it is likely you’ve had the infection.

  • Tests whether or not you previously had Covid-19
  • This is a blood test
  • Lab results in working 3-days
  • Cost: $62.50

Terms and Conditions

Tests are performed at Family Medicine Center laboratory.

As per the government guidance; if you think you might have Coronavirus, please keep isolated until test results are confirmed.

All coronavirus tests are non-refundable.

Please continue to follow the latest government guidelines even if you test negative. A negative test does NOT mean you are immune and there is the possibility that you may contract it at a later time. If you develop new symptoms later, you may choose to be tested again.