The new “I Am Balanced” podcast features board-certified US and Caribbean-based child and adolescent psychiatrists, Dr Annalease Richards and Dr Jermin. Listen in every 2nd and 4th Monday as they share information, perspectives, and tips on topics and trends in pediatric psychiatry.  Read more and listen now…

“Why Can’t I Pay Attention?!!”

March 30, 2024

There are many different factors that can affect a child’s ability to pay attention. Join board-certified pediatric psychiatrists Dr Annalease Richards and Dr Ernest Jermin, along with guest psychologist Dr Lanee Rivers, as they share insights and strategies on getting to the root of inattention in children and adolescents.

“Why Can’t I Pay Attention?!!! Let’s talk about ADHD”

April 29, 2024

The “what” and “why” of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Join Dr Annalease Richards and Dr Jermin as they continue to explore the possible causes of inattention in children and adolescents with a focus this episode on ADHD.

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