Family Medicine Center is an authorized Rapid Antigen Test Administrator.

Rapid antigen tests are designed to tell in a few minutes whether someone is infectious. Results available same day.

Travel Visa Day 5 Testing is FREE. (Additional charge for on-location VIP service)

In-Clinic Testing

We provide Rapid Antigen nasal swab testing at our Nassau and Eleuthera clinics. Note: Travel Visa Day 5 testing is free.

Cost $30

Book Now: Nassau
Book Now: Eleuthera

VIP Service

We provide on-location testing for visitors at their accommodations. Available in Nassau and Eleuthera.

Cost based on location. Please call to enquire.

Book Now: Nassau
Book Now: Eleuthera

Drive Thru Service

Available only at our FMC Nassau, Blake Road clinic.

Monday - Friday
9:30am - 11:00am

Cost $30
Cash or prepayment only.

Drive-Thru Testing

Nassau: (242) 702-9310

Eleuthera: (242) 334-2500
Whatsapp: (242) 817-2876

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Before traveling to The Bahamas, all travelers are required to apply for a Bahamian Health Visa at

Within 7 days of arrival, citizens, residents and visitors must complete a COVID-19 RT-PCR Test and upload the negative test result to your Health Visa Application.

You will be given a confirmation QR Code that will be presented on arrival into The Bahamas. Keep this code.


All travelers entering The Bahamas are required to complete one Antigen Test upon arrival at their point of entry.

Upon arrival, present the confirmation QR Code to the testing personnel, where a Rapid Antigen Test will be administered. After completing the Rapid Antigen Test, proceed to Bahamian Immigration & Customs.

On exiting the airport, go directly to your place of residence, rental, hotel or other accommodations. You will receive notification of your Rapid Antigen Test result by email.

1. Arrive in The Bahamas
2. Have QR code ready, go to testing area
3. Complete point of entry Rapid Antigen Test
4. Proceed to Immigration and Customs
5. Go directly to your accommodation
6. Receive result notification via email


Bahamian citizens, returning residents, and visitors staying longer than 5 nights are required to complete a second rapid antigen test on Day 5. NOTE: Visitors departing on Day 5 are not required to complete a second test.

1. Schedule an appointment:
• Nassau 702-9310
• Eleuthera 334-2500/Whatsapp 817-2876
2. Present QR code at time of your test
3. Return to residence or accommodations
4. Receive result notification via email


All inter-island travelers must complete an electronic Domestic Travel Card at prior to departure and for any inter-island travel within The Bahamas. An automated response will be provided upon completion. All travelers must have their confirmation on hand upon arrival to their destination.

Additional Information & Resources

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• Travel and Entry Protocols Effective 1st November