“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

Dr. Scriven seems inspired by these words from Joshua J. Marine. She began her stellar career more than 30 years ago when she initially obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Hearing Science in 1984 from Middle Tennessee State University, later working with the Ministry of Education as Speech Therapist. She then returned to Graduate School at Howard University, Washington, D.C where she earned a Master’s Degree in Audiology and was employed at the District of Columbia General Hospital for 2 years as a Clinical Audiologist working closely with the Ear Nose & Throat Department and dispensing hearing aids to Nursing homes.

Dr. Scriven returned home to set up a private practice located at Doctors Hospital offering a myriad of products and all aspects of audiological and hearing management services to individuals of all ages with all types of hearing disorders. A signature program for her was the establishment of the Newborn Screening Programme in 2000, which assesses the majority of the babies delivered there prior to discharge.

At the same time, she established the government’s audiological services at the South Beach Clinic within the Department of Public Health, later establishing their newborn screening programme for infants at risk for hearing loss in 2001.

Given her caring nature, it was natural for Dr. Scriven to have the needs of the hearing impaired always near and dear to her, so in 2006 she, along with Michelle Rassin and the Rotary Club of East Nassau, provided free hearing aids and follow-up maintenance of the devices through their signature program, “The Gift of Hearing”. This program assists the less fortunate from throughout the Bahamas who otherwise would not be able to hear nor enjoy the benefits of communicating and interacting with the ‘hearing world’ in which they live.

Not one to rest on her laurels, the then, Mrs. Scriven enrolled in the Doctoral programme at the University of Florida where she earned the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D) in 2011, all while providing services through her private practice and government clinics. Some of the services included:

1. annual hearing screenings for public & private schools & hospitals
2. diagnostic assessments for the general population
3. annual screenings for EMS, airport personnel, armed forces
4. hearing conservation programs for corporations and industries throughout the Bahamas.
5. hearing screenings for maritime students

Soon after completing her Doctorate Degree, Dr. Scriven was invited to join a renowned Cochlear Implant company from Innsbruck, Austria – Med-El electronics ( a cutting-edge, technologically superior company) to start up the first comprehensive otology and hearing implant clinic for persons with mild to profound and congenital malformations which significantly impacts one’s ability to communicate.

As head of Audiology and local operations at the hearLIFE Clinic, Nassau (the third of these international subsidiaries- Dubai, Canada, and Italy) her goal was to ensure that the local office provided access to cutting-edge technology that was safe and affordable with world-renown surgeons and highly trained staff. It is the only medical facility in the Bahamas which received the ISO 9001:2008 Certification. This certification signifies that the hearLIFE Clinic is operating according to the world’s most recognized standard for quality management.

Dr. Scriven holds the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence which represents the highest level of excellence in the field of Audiology (CCC-A). She is also a lifelong Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), which recognizes her continuous dedication to learning and advancement in her field. She is a member of several scientific and professional associations, including the American Academy of Audiology, the Health Professional Council as well as the Bahamas Speech Hearing and Language Association. In November 2013, Dr. Scriven received the Paul Harris Fellow Award from the Rotary Club of East Nassau for dedicated community service. She was nominated as one of the Leading Ladies by The Red Dress Soiree for her untiring efforts in the field of hearing, services

Other notable activities and accomplishments for 2016-2017 include:

• Caribbean Otolaryngology Conference – Barbados-Presented on the First Cochlear Implant in The Bahamas within the hearLIFE structure

• A successful marketing and public relations campaign offering free hearing screenings in specific islands i.e. Marsh Harbour, Freeport Grand Bahama, South Eleuthera.; reaching out to and assisting more than 700 persons.

• Partnering with the Kiwanis of South Eleuthera providing free speech and hearing screenings for all of the primary school in the south.

• Coordinated the first CochIear Implant for single-sided deaf patient and was able to facilitate insurance coverage for the first time for this unusual surgery.

• Visited Kingston Jamaica – a week-long introductory/promotional trip mission to introduce the ENT’s, there, to the CI program – met with 95% of professionals to introduce the services available

• Organized annual hearing conservation programmes for employees of industrial companies who are exposed to hazardous noise levels on a daily basis so as monitor hearing levels, provide training so as ensure that employees follow industry standards for safety.

• Collaborated with one of the top manufacturers of Hearing Aids in the US to introduce the latest technology in hearing aids using the ipod, ipad and iphone. It is the most latest technology offering superior sound quality, and premium features, customized to fit listener’s needs while enhancing your listening experiences. Offered buy 1 –get one free from the manufacturer.

• Coordinated eight (8) successful Cochlear Implant surgeries.

• Participated in a social outreach program with the Rotary Club of East Nassau, providing free hearing aids along with free fitting services and care for 75 children – which resulted in 150 free hearing aids being provided.

• Received the ISO 9001:2008 Certification, which guarantees that the hearLIFE Clinic is operating according to the world’s most recognized standard for quality management.

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