Healthy children learn better

Studies show children are most successful in the classroom when they are healthy. One important step to ensuring your child's health is the annual physical.

Family Medicine Center offers comprehensive physical examinations, including labwork and urinalysis, immunizations and government-required health tests, plus vision and hearing tests.

All in one location - with our own on-site laboratory, pharmacy, and audiology testing suite.

  • Complete physical examinations
  • Mantoux
  • Routine Immunizations, including hepatitis A, HPV and meningococcal vaccines
  • CBC test and other required health tests
  • Audiology assessments

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Healthy students are more likely to attend school and are able to focus in class, which ultimately leads to better grades and overall higher classroom achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Does My Child Need to Get a Physical?

A healthy child, with no existing medical conditions, should get a physical once a year, and no less at least once every two years after the age of five, and preferably . If a child has a chronic medical condition, like asthma, persistent infections, or allergies, you should schedule a physical at least once a year, with additional check-ups depending on the circumstances.

2. Is There a Difference Between an Annual Physical and Sports Physical?

Yes, there is a difference between sports and annual physicals. A sports physical helps to determine whether a child is able to participate in a particular sport or physical activity.

An annual physical focuses on checking your child’s overall health, including aspects that are not related to sports. Both exams can be done during the same appointment.

3. Are Physical Examinations Required by Schools?

This may depend on the school. Certain vaccinations are required upon entering different grade levels. Schools need to ensure the safety and health not only of your child, but of all other children as well.

4. What Should I Expect During My Child’s Physical?

During the physical, your child’s height, weight and blood pressure will be checked. The doctor will check the heart, lungs, and general wellness and development of your child. If it is time for an immunization update, the immunization can be provided during the appointment.

5. Are Physical Examinations Important?

Absolutely. Children can grow and change considerably over a year. Yearly examinations can help track a child’s height, weight, health and growth as well as protecting them against possible health problems.

6. Can We Get Immunizations, Lab Work, Vision, and Hearing Tests in the Same Appointment?

Yes. You can get all aspects of your child's physical done during the same appointment - from bloodwork and urinalysis, to vision and hearing testing. If your child is due for certain immunizations and vaccines, they can get them at the same time. Additionally, we have our own pharmacy on site so if necessary, medications can be filled during the same appointment also. Everything in one place - right here at our clinic on Blake Road.

7. Should I Make a List of Any Health Concerns?

If you have any concerns about your child’s emotional, mental or physical well-being, write down a list of questions to ask the doctor. Ask your child if they have any questions they want to ask the doctor and write those down.

8. How Can I Prepare for My Child's Annual Physical?

Make sure you bring the following information with you when you visit the doctor's office:

• Changes in family medical history
• Changes in the child's health since their last visit
• List of any over-the-counter medications your child is taking
• Your family insurance card

9. When is the Best Time to Schedule a Physical?

It is best to schedule the physical in the spring or early summer, so that you can avoid the rush and can get a convenient appointment.

10. How Can I Schedule a Visit?

Call us at 702-9310. Or request an appointment through our website:
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Schedule a physical for your child today: 702-9310