Multidisciplinary INtegrated Development (MIND) Team

Through Family Medicine Center’s Multidisciplinary INtegrated Development (MIND) team we offer comprehensive evaluations and treatment for children and teens.


While all children develop at their own pace, some may lag behind their peers in communication development, attention, learning, behavior, play, motor skills, social skills, or school adjustment.

Our experienced team of healthcare professionals includes a range of fields and specialties, who are skilled in conducting comprehensive assessments, and psycho-educational evaluations, of common psychiatric and psychological diagnoses such as: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Learning Disabilities (Reading/Dyslexia, Math/ Dyscalculia, Writing/ Dysgraphia), Disruptive Behaviors Disorders, and Developmental Disorders (Autism, sensory, communication, behavioral, social).

Our MIND team seeks to assess whether a child or adolescent has a diagnosis affecting his or her learning and/or behavior.

We aim to design individualized treatment programs for every child using a confidential, non-judgemental, family-centered approach.

family-medicine-center-mindteam-01Our team approach ensures comprehensive, personalized care, from evaluation, to diagnosis, to treatment. We can also work with primary care providers to offer recommendations and resources.

What We Do:
Through assessment and on-going psycho-therapeutic support we help children, adolescents, families, and educators with a wide range of services that include:
• Psychiatric Comprehensive Services
• Psychological Comprehensive Services
• Pediatric Comprehensive Services
• Occupational Therapy
• Behavioral Therapy (Behavioral Consultation/Parent Training)

Every child is born with great potential. We help them achieve it.