We are available and booking online appointments.

We are here to support you wherever you are.

During this Pandemic of COVID-19 we recognize the unique challenges set before us and our families. As a result, the Mental Health Team at FMC has taken on the posture of becoming a online resource for the mental health of our children, adults and families.

Our team of experts are providing online consultations and treatment for teens, young adults and families struggling during this global time of unprecedented stressors.

In addition to providing existing clinical care we are also providing support where families are needing it most.

Telepsychiatry includes:
Medication Consultation and treatment with our team General Psychiatrist or Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Teletherapy includes:
Cognitive behavioral therapy

Parent consultation/training

Consultation to help support children, teenagers and young adults during the Coronavirus Crisis

Call for a free phone consultation to see if teletherapy is right for you and your family

702-9310 or email psychology@familymedicinecenter.org to discuss how we can support your family during this time.

Integrated Support for Children and Families

Sometimes our children need an extra hand to manoeuvre through the obstacles of growing up. Maybe you are having concerns over your child’s behaviour, maybe they seem down, angry or anxious, or are having problems making friends or learning? At times it is hard to figure out what is being communicated.

At the Family Medicine Center we offer an integrated assessment, evaluation and psychotherapeutic service with on- going support for the family as well as the child or young person.

Our assessment and evaluation service is conducted by an experienced Psychologist that conducts testing for ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Social and Emotional Assessment, and Developmental Disorders and Bariatric Surgery evaluations.

Psychotherapy can help resource a child to face circumstances like bereavements, illness, divorce or trauma. It creates a unique space for a child to understand and process his or her feelings in order to better face the challenges of growing up.

If you are concerned about your child please get in touch. We have a confidential, non-judgemental and family centred approach.

Meet our Psychology Team:

Dr. Richard Adderley
Dr. Adderley’s areas of specialty include Employee Assistance Program, employee development and assessments, social/mental disorders, adolescent risk-taking behaviors, and healthy lifestyles education.

Meet Dr. Richard Adderley

Dr. Annalease Richards
Dr Richards has a passion for healthy living and the well-being of our children and adolescents. She is keenly interested in the connection between mind and body and its role, not just in the development of illness, but the maintenance of health.

Meet Dr. Richards

Dr. Lanee Rivers
Dr. Rivers’ areas of specialty include psychological assessments and the treatment of learning disabilities, ADHD, social/emotional disorders, developmental disorders, and bariatric surgery evaluations.

Meet Dr. Rivers