Relationship & Intimacy Specialist

Maggie Bain specializes in helping individuals and couples achieve more satisfaction in their relationships and the bedroom.

For over ten years, Maggie has been showing people how to get truthfully naked with each other to deepen their intimacy and reignite their desire for each other. Her cognitive behavioral approach, personalized to meet specific client goals, empowers them to address the hidden wounds of abandonment, neglect, and other relationship problems while staying focused on immediate solutions to resolve conflict and get fast results. It’s more than sex tips, but those are part of the magic. Her style is uniquely non-judgmental, compassionate, and fair.

Maggie is a Florida Board Certified Sex Therapist who broke new ground by becoming the first Sex Therapist in The Bahamas and sparking conversations on sexuality in a culture unaccustomed to her brand of direct authenticity.

In addition to her work in her private practice, she wrote a weekly column titled “Loving Relationships” for the health section of Nassau’s Tribune newspaper and hosted “Love on the Rock,” an interactive relationship radio show on Island FM.

Her style is uniquely non-judgmental, compassionate, and fair.

Realizing how powerful this work is for the individual and the collective, she launched her global Bare Naked brand to help people strip down to their authentic selves and create more intimate relationships in their lives.

As a Speaker, she often approaches taboo conversations with an intoxicating combination of lighthearted humor and the intensity of someone who is unwilling to allow relationships to remain anything less than extraordinary.

Intimate personal stories and thought-provoking insights mesmerize audiences — moving them between tears and laughter and leaving them uplifted, hopeful, and equipped to transform their love lives. Even Dr. Phil, psychologist and tv show host, shifted in his seat when she asked him about his intimate life during their interview!

Known today as the Bare Naked Coach, Maggie travels sharing her message of being Truthfully Naked.

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