Prostate cancer affects many men. There are tests to find it early. There may be benefits and risks with testing. Research has not yet proven that the benefits of testing outweigh the risks.

This booklet will help you decide if you want to be tested for prostate cancer.

Is testing the right choice for you? Right now you might not know if you want to be tested. After reading this booklet, we hope that you will be able to talk with your doctor and tell him how you feel about testing.

In this booklet we will talk more about prostate cancer testing and the possible benefits and risks of testing. We will also discuss:

What is prostate cancer?

How common is prostate cancer?

Are all prostate cancers the same?

What causes prostate cancer?

What are your chances of having prostate cancer?

If you get tested, what will happen?

What will happen if you don’t get tested?