An initiative launched with the hashtag #ClapForHealthCareTeam242 is calling for people of The Bahamas to clap, cheer and make noise at 8:00am on Tuesday March 31st, in a collective show of appreciation for our healthcare workers as they battle the spread of the coronavirus.

The idea was inspired by similar events happening all over the world. Italy, Spain, France, Austria, India, Turkey, The Netherlands, Israel, and the U.K. Some countries are making it a daily occurrence such as Canada and the United States.

Many of those countries are struggling in the fight against the coronavirus. The Bahamas government has put precautions and mandates in place to protect the people of The Bahamas but with each new case the situation grows increasingly more dangerous. Our doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff are putting themselves on the frontline to keep the nation healthy.

#ClapForHealthCareTeam242 is asking people to go on their doors, windows, balconies, stand in their gardens, living rooms or wherever they are at 8:00am on Tuesday March 31st and clap, sing, shout, shake cowbells, bang pots and pans, just make some noise as a show of gratitude and support for those who risk their health and lives for the benefit of others.

People are encouraged to take photos or videos and post them on their social media pages with the hashtag #ClapForHealthCareTeam242.