New Requirements For All Air Passengers Traveling to the USA Starting- January 26, 2021

Starting January 26, 2021, all air passengers traveling into the United States, including by private flights, air charter, and general aviation aircraft, will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. All passengers must complete an attestation affirming their compliance with the CDC requirements and provide it to their aircraft operator.

Fortunately the existing Bahamas Travel Health Visa website will include the ‘USA Arrivals Test’ for a nominal fee.

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Bahamas travel update protocols


All Travelers, two (2) years of age or older, returning to the US from the Bahamas will be required to produce a negative Rapid Antigen Test no more than three days prior to travel.

The current Travel Health Visa is being updated to include your departure rapid antigen test, which can be obtained at numerous locations throughout the Bahamas.

Airlines will be responsible for confirming the negative test result or documentation of recovery for all passengers before they board, and If a passenger chooses not to provide a test result or documentation of recovery, the airline must deny boarding to the passenger.

Scroll to the bottom of this link for covid testing locations

All travelers will be required to upload a negative Rapid Antigen Test results 48 hours prior to their departure flight back to the USA –


Crew members on official duty, whether working or in an assigned deadhead status (transportation of a flight crew member as a passenger or non-operating flight crew member), are exempt from the testing requirement as long as they follow industry standard protocols for the prevention of COVID-19 as set forth in relevant Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFOs) issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

FAA details here-

The NATA strongly advises operators to proactively reach out to international travelers to ensure they have a testing plan for their trip. Operators should also review their contracts and cancelation policies to ensure they account for any potential contingencies associated with this Order, including positive test results from crew or passengers, passenger refusal to test or provide attestation, or passenger failure to test in the required time window. Please consult with legal counsel for any necessary changes.

NATA details here-


All persons traveling to the Bahamas must obtain a negative COVID 19 RT-PCR (nasal swab) test taken no more than five (5) days prior to travel. The day you take your test is considered “Day Zero”.

Children 10 years old and younger are exempt from testing. However, you still must apply for a Travel Health Visa for them.

All Travelers will be required to apply for a Bahamas Health Travel Visa at

The Travel Health Visa fees are listed below.

The fees are inclusive of the Day 5 Rapid Antigen Test (when applicable) as well as mandatory Trip Interruption Health Insurance.

$40 – Visitors Staying up to four nights and five days
$40 – Citizens and Returning Residents
$60 – Visitors staying more than four nights
FREE – Children 10 and Under

If visitors stay beyond 4 nights and 5 days, a Rapid Antigen Test will be required.

This test will be available in all Out Island Destinations- Scroll to the bottom of this link for covid testing locations –

For the duration of the visit, Visitors will complete a daily online health questionnaire for symptom tracking purposes.

The wearing of masks and social distancing guidelines remain in effect.

If assistance is needed through the Health Visa process, please contact the Health Visa Compliance Team
(242) 502-0829

CDC Frequently Asked Questions