Everyone approaches relationships differently. Attachment styles not only depend on how you learned about relationships as a child, but the relationships you’ve had as an adult as well. 

Your attachment style can also change over time. Meaning that just because you may have learned unhealthy coping skills early on, doesn’t mean you will depend on them forever.

There is no right or wrong attachment style, but some styles are better at promoting a healthier, long-term relationship.

Here are the four main attachment styles and what they can look like in adult relationships.

Ambivalent attachment:

  • Needing constant reassurance from your partner. 
  • Craving intimacy and closeness.
  • Feeling anxious or jealous when you’re away from your partner.

Avoidant-dismissive attachment:

  • Being closed off or withdrawn.
  • Keeping secrets in relationships.
  • Avoiding intimacy altogether.

Disorganized attachment:

  • Feeling unsettled or confused by relationships.
  • Feeling unworthy of love or afraid of getting hurt.
  • Explosive or abusive behavior.

Secure attachment:

  • Managing conflict successfully.
  • Seeing you and your partner as a team.
  • Maintaining emotional harmony independently. 

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