From my first consultation with Dr. Higgins, I felt confident about what he offered.

I’m so happy to be able to share my experience with Dr. Higgins, who I met through Family Medicine Center. His professionalism and care for me throughout my procedure and thereafter was incredible. From my first consultation with Dr. Higgins, I felt confident about what he offered. He took the time to explain step by step what would be happening throughout the entire procedure. One of the things that impressed me the most was his follow-up with me after I left the hospital. Dr. Higgins checked on me regularly and was concerned about my care like no other doctor.

Concerning my surgery, I have to say that this was the first time that I literally had a pain-free surgery. I could go home after spending just one night in the hospital for observation. As promised, the surgery was non-invasive with no scarring, making the recovery time very short compared to other surgeries I had.

I highly recommend Dr. Higgins to anyone suffering from uterine fibroids.


I can say that having this procedure done was the best decision I made.

I no longer experience heavy periods or feeling lethargic and out of breath, my stomach is no longer hard and bloated. That urgent need to urinate or not being able to consume food with feeling that am about to explode. I can walk a flight of stairs without feeling winded.

I wish I knew about this sooner I would have had this done a long time ago. My doctors even tried to dissuade me from having this done, they did not want to refer me to Dr. Mikhail and when they did, they were very vague in my diagnoses. I am just grateful to Dr. Mikhail who explained to procedure so thoroughly that I knew every step of what I was having done and what to expect.

Dr. Mikhail is very thorough when is came to following up after surgery, as he checks every day to make sure you are on top of taking your medication and to ensure that you are well.

Best decision ever! Best Doctor!


My cramps were unbearable. I knew that fibroids were a common thing. I needed to find a solution. I came across Dr. Higgins and the minimally-invasive service he provides, being the uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) and… this was it. I made the appointment to see Dr. Higgins and that day was truly amazing.

I truly recommend you do the UFE procedure with Dr. Mikhail Higgins.

Keeshan F.

My experience with fibroids was unbearable. The pain was so bad I couldn’t even speak at times. I didn’t want any more surgeries. Thankfully my mother saw Family Medicine Center promoting Dr. Mikhail Higgins on the news.

After the procedure, I had to ask Dr. Higgins if he did anything because I felt nothing. I became my old self but in a newer way. I recommend, ladies, go and see Dr. Mikhail Higgins… he will give you back your life.

Chegera P.

My experience with Dr. Higgins was remarkable. I said I’m going to give him a try because if I don’t give him a try then I’m going to be right there with surgery and being down for 6-weeks.

Meeting Dr. Higgins has changed my life.

Tamara M.

Dr. Higgins is the Best!

I suffered from severe fibroid symptoms; pain, and heavy periods.  Dr. Higgins performed my uterine fibroid embolization procedure. The procedure is minimally invasive – I was able to attend a work commitment 3 days after my procedure. It is not surgery (no huge incision or scarring); the downtime for me was 2 weeks. Dr. Higgins is professional, thorough, and has excellent bedside manners.

I would highly recommend this treatment for women with severe fibroid symptoms.


This procedure has changed my life.

As a young woman, period pains were a normal part of my life. At the age of 35, my menstrual cramps started to increase to the point where they overtook my life every 2 weeks each month. Many trips were made to different local gynecologists and even to the emergency room at one of the local hospitals.  Test after test, medications upon medication – never a fix for my ongoing problems. It came to a point where I gave up and lost hope in the doctors and just dealt with my pain at home the best way I could. Many tears, many sleepless nights… and did I say MANY tears.

One day in August 2021 while driving I felt lightheaded and had a bad headache. I decided to make a stop at Family Medicine Center to see Dr. Graham Cates. He did a thorough examination, finding me to be anemic, and with a pelvic exam, found a fibroid in my lower abdomen. Dr. Cates referred me to Dr. Higgins, who deals with women like me who have fibroid issues. Upon running all the necessary tests, and me saying lots of prayers, we decided to do the minimally invasive procedure – which cuts off the blood supply to the fibroids, causing them to decrease and dissolve.

Let me tell you… this was the best decision I have ever made. Spent one night in the hospital and was home for recovery the next day!!!!!!!!! Up and running in a week’s time. Nooooooo more pain after the procedure in October 2021. This procedure has changed my life. Even started having regular periods again.

I would recommend it to any woman who is experiencing discomfort from fibroids.  Dr. Higgins has given me part of my life back.


Dr. Higgins gave me my miracle. 

[Condensed] I was so excited about the opportunity to have my fibroids removed through the Uterine Artery Embolization procedure. Post-surgery recovery was really shockingly good. Since the procedure, my life has changed for the better. Dr. Higgins gave me my miracle.

To all the women that will read this, I just want to encourage you to call Family Medicine Center today and book a consultation. 

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