The mural is near Antonius Roberts Hillside House Studio on Cumberland Street, Nassau

The Artists are June Own and Yutavia George

Interview with Yutavia George (Artist):

Please can you describe your thoughts behind the mural

Yutavia: This ACE mural addresses diabetes awareness by using hands as a symbol. The three hands symbolize Awareness, Compassion and Education. The contorted fingers-which seem ‘intimidating ’, represent the pain of taking daily needles. The work also shows hope for more resources to provide information and support the families with members who are diagnosed with diabetes.

How does art have an impact on people’s well-being?

Yutavia: Art is unapologetic.  It can disturb to motivate people into a feeling, in this case, an action. The action is to do better for those who have diabetes and to give hope to those living with it. Art really impacts people’s emotional wellness, which is partly the extent in which you feel positive and enthusiastic about yourself and life. When you feel positive you already act on the other areas of wellness. Each component has a level of influence on the other forms of wellness; such as social, spiritual, physical and financial wellness. Therefore, this visual domino effect occurs, in other words the inspiration to take control of diabetes. We hope through this work the effect is continuous.