Waiting area
A dream of mine was to have a room large enough for group education and CPR classes. That dream is a reality. You are looking into the back of the room where there will be a kitchen.

Here is a preliminary tour of the inside layout of the new building.

Graham and I are very grateful that we are in a position to grow our business so we can help people in deeper ways. We are very thankful to you, our clients, for allowing us in your lives and helping us to impact the lives of others.

Graham and I are profoundly grateful to Doctors Hospital and Barry Rassin for believing in our wellness dream 11 years ago and supporting us all these years.

Thank you for your continued love.

Click to enlarge photos. View our earlier progress:

New Building Underway

Update: Building Takes Shape

Update: The Windows Are In!

No longer need to take a trip to the pharmacy. Here is the new addition… our pharmacy, which we have jokingly called ‘Medi Cates’.  However, this will not  be it’s official name.
Everyone finds it comical that I have the largest office However it will enable be to conduct group education Have more storage for education supplies and to Be able to be more effective.
Counseling room