[Found] in Translation:
Works by Cristin A. Villamil

Opening reception: Thursday, May 5th, 2016 at The Salus Gallery, Family Medicine Centre

cristin-atkins-villamil“I am inspired by the energy, colors and textures that surround all of us here in The Bahamas. From the flash of a beautiful smile to the magnificence of a stingray leaping from the depths of the water to the daily sunsets and sunrises that keep us grounded in the present…these glimmers of life are what I translate onto my canvases.

“I find the essence and joy of life is in the nuances and repetition of the daily grind: things that we see and do everyday, perhaps even taking them for granted, surrounded by such beauty that flows through us 24-7.

Each time I observe, each time I translate through painting, I am reminded to take in and appreciate every amazing step of my journey in The Bahamas.”