We are offering a 50% special through the end of AUGUST  – $1500

The regular cost of a colonoscopy in The Bahamas is $3000.

If you have insurance, your co-payment will be waived, once you have met your deductible.

There is no good excuse not to get a colonoscopy.

There are many excuses that people come up with, to avoid getting a colonoscopy, but there is no good excuse. Colon cancer is preventable, if detected in the precancerous stage, and it’s treatable in early stages. But it is a deadly disease if left untreated. The Bahamas has a high ratio of colon cancer.

Don’t miss this offer, especially if you are 45 years or older. And if you have a family history, start screening at 40.

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Who will perform the colonoscopy?

We have on our medical team two of the Bahamas’ most skilled and experienced gastroenterologists: Dr. Harold Munnings and Dr. Flloyd Carter, the Centre For Digestive Health.

dr harold munnings and dr flloyd carter