According to statistics released by the International Diabetes Federation in 2014, there were 34,900 cases of diabetes in The Bahamas at that time, not including pre-diabetes.

With the incidence of diabetes on the rise, the need for diet and lifestyle change is becoming more apparent. Nutrition is one approach to diabetes management that can have a significant impact on a person’s current and future health.

So, you might ask, “how can a nutritionist help with my diabetes?”

A nutritionist works with individuals to assess their current health status and can provide valuable feedback as it relates to blood glucose (sugar) control. A nutritionist aims to educate those with diabetes or pre-diabetes on the impact certain foods and drinks have on their diabetes, and teach ways to better manage it.

A nutritionist can help design a program that encourages long-term dietary and lifestyle changes in order to support diabetes control and to prevent future health complications, such as heart and kidney disease.

Weight management is another important component of diabetes management that a nutritionist can help with.

In addition to creating a customized dietary plan, a nutritionist can provide support through monitoring and tracking the progress of each individual to encourage their overall health and success of the program.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, or have been managing it for years, working with a nutritionist can help support you along the way.