If you have a sore that won’t heal, rashes you don’t have an explanation for, it may be time for a checkup. 

Your skin is a window to the rest of your health, according to one dermatologist. If you have a sore that won’t heal, discoloration or rashes you just don’t have an explanation for, it may be time for a checkup.

A trip to the dermatologist may save your skin or health in general, by picking up on small nuances that may be an indicator of something more than skin deep.

We spoke to Dr. Jaime Davis, a dermatologist at Family Medicine Center, about the relationship between skin and diabetes.

According to the United States National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, diabetes can occur when blood glucose or blood sugar is too high.

Getting to the bottom of the issue, Dr. Davis says feet are a huge concern when it comes to managing diabetes.

November is Diabetes Month – this year the focus is on building your health team.

Dr. Davis, who also practices in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, says diabetics should also watch their feet as the smallest injury, or even athletes foot may lead to infection.

She says feet should stay clean, dry and protected – which may mean trading a pair of flip flops for enclosed shoes.

But it’s not all about feet.

If you’re a woman with certain skin symptoms, Dr. Davis says you should also be screened for diabetes.

Kristina Dragovich
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Published: November 20, 2022

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