People always want to know
…does it really work?

Here’s what people are saying about couples counseling with Maggie Bain…

“Maggie has been a breath of fresh air to our marriage.”

Her candid and conversational style have made us feel at ease and her insightful feedback has triggered growth for us both on a couple and individual basis.

“We would totally recommend her!”

– D&D

“My sessions with Maggie have provided mental space for reflection, forgiveness & exploration while sparking new flames in my relationship.”

She provides a safe space for conversations about deep and intimate heart matters, with practical tried and proven tips.”

“I’m so glad I made the investment!”

– CS

“Maggie has proven to me that being a therapist is actually a calling.”

Deciding to see her was the best thing I could have ever done in my marriage. If you are thinking about therapy I strongly advise you to book with Maggie, and do it sooner than later! She is completely fair and unbiased and is so much more than an intimacy coach. Maggie helped me, and yes she can help you too. I will never forget the Kindness she exuded during one of the hardest times we have gone through as a couple. 

“…BOOK NOW, you won’t regret it!”

– G

“With Maggie’s help we were able to reconnect & rediscover the love we lost.”

“I first heard of Maggie Bain in early 2009 while listening to a popular talk show called ‘Matters of the Heart’. So, in early 2023 when my relationship was rocked by discovery of my partners infidelity, I sent Maggie an email explaining the betrayal and brokenness. Maggie agreed to meet with us as a couple, Maggie was professional and impartial.”

– S&M

“We highly recommend Maggie Bain!

My husband and I visited Maggie for couples therapy to work on improving our communication. Throughout our many sessions, Maggie was professional, understanding, and fair to both myself and my spouse. She listened and understood our concerns and then provided valuable tools on ways to improve. Maggie also challenged us to correct specific behaviors that were negatively affecting our relationship. We are very thankful that we decided to seek couples therapy with her, as our relationship has improved drastically. If you are considering visiting a couples therapist, Maggie is the best!”

“…our relationship has improved drastically”

– S&D

“I followed her advice and welcomed in LOVE… and I found it – a Rock Solid LOVE!”

“I went to Maggie when I began to explore my bisexuality and she helped me accept myself and overcome my questions, confusions, and fears. It’s been two years, and I still go to Maggie for advice because the questions never end. I love her so much for always being there for me and helping me grow into the woman I am. It was nerve-racking and still is at times; but I’m proud of me, Colleen, and my sexuality.”

“Maggie’s great listening ear and brilliant guidance has completely restored my true self, otherwise hampered by life’s experiences. She taught me how to open myself up to the world and allow opportunity to abound. I followed her advice and welcomed in LOVE… and I found it – a Rock Solid LOVE!”

– Gail

“If you are serious about…moving to another level in your relationship… work with Maggie.”

“Maggie’s compassion and insightfulness has provided me with tremendous support through recent struggles. Her positive guidance and attentiveness helped me to actively seek solutions to my problems. Her subtle way of allowing me to self-realize has helped me create positive change in my life. If you are serious about making a positive change or moving to another level in your relationship or personal life, work with Maggie. You won’t regret it.”

– Asenath

“Maggie is a Couples Whisperer.”

She helped us understand each other and learn to hear, rather than listen to, the message behind the words; and she put certain behaviors in perspective. At the end of each session, we were encouraged, hopeful, and strengthened. She accepted us both as individuals and paid attention to our unique personalities, not confining us to ancient social norms. Maggie is our guardian to steer us through relationship difficulties.”

– Crystal

“Maggie truly helped us unlock greater and deeper intimacy within our relationship.”

“Our sessions with Maggie truly helped us unlock greater and deeper intimacy within our relationship. We are very thankful because her expertise and practical guidance helped us push past our individual relational and mental roadblocks toward a healthier bond and improved response to sexual intimacy.”

– B&G

“Maggie, you are a blessing to the world.”

“For quite some time, I have been searching for someone who would be real, fair, and who wouldn’t take sides or be influenced by a person’s financial status. My spouse and I have spoken to more than five different marriage counselors, and Maggie is the first one to validate what I was experiencing during my relationship. For this, I am truly grateful. Maggie, you are a blessing to the world.”

– Daisy

“I will no longer settle for anything less than rock solid love.”

“When I met Maggie, I thought I was broken. I’d had sexual challenges since I was fifteen years old and, at thirty-three, I was convinced that I just wasn’t a sexual person and even that intimacy was impossible for me. Maggie helped me move beyond the shame and guilt, and build extreme confidence in my ability to build and maintain a mind-blowing relationship. I will no longer settle for anything less than ‘rock solid love.’ It is so amazing to truly know that every relationship I have for the rest of my life will just get better and better because of what I’ve learned from her.”

– Leonie

“Couples therapy with her has been one of the best decisions”

She’s an excellent listener, gives appropriate advice, and is really compassionate. Couples therapy with her has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. She has given us the skills and tools necessary to work through issues lovingly and respectfully. These skills have led us to a deeper level of love, intimacy, and commitment. Thanks, Maggie!”

– G&N

“Thanks to Maggie, I am happy, my wife is happy, and I feel like a teenager in love again!”

“Like many men, I thought being a good husband meant working hard and providing financial security and a good standard of living. What I did not understand, until I found Maggie, was that by working long hours, I was not giving my wife the emotional security she needed. I was shaken to my core when she told me she had stopped loving me and was seeing another man. With Maggie’s guidance, I was able to avoid a complete emotional meltdown and rebalance my life. Thanks to Maggie, I am happy, my wife is happy, and I feel like a teenager in love again!”

– Angus